FedEx - Feature Wall Printing

FedEx Feature Wall Video

Our team worked with The Integer Group, Dallas to create four videos to showcase FedEx's in-store print products & services. The videos visually demonstrate the unique features, options and pricing for wall-mounted printing offered within the US market.

Ignition Digital assisted with the development and execution of the project from early visualization & look development to animation, rendering and final editing. From early creative briefs, it was clear a CGI approach would best capture the elegant interaction of light, camera & product motion. Adhering to the client's request for accurate photo representation, our artists faithfully replicated product details to millimetre accuracy. This refinement ensured real world behavior of light and reflections for both gloss & matte options.

As in-store visuals were required, we designed and built both the cafe and living room sequences in 3D. This allowed control and dynamic 3D motion which offered creative benefits over alternative stock static imagery options. The CGI development of the environments also eliminated any requirement for traditional photography which would have been further impacted by the global COVID situation.