Mercedes-Benz G-Code Project

Mercedes-Benz G-Code Conept

Under the direction of client Oliver Schrott Kommunikation (OSK) Beijing Office, Ignition Digital designed and developed an Augmented Reality 'AR' 3D app to showcase Mercedes-Benz's concept Sports Utility Coupé (SUC) called the G-Code.The multi-day Beijing event presented a physical prototype alongside our virtual AR presentation. Custom-designed AR stations provided the media, press and special guests with the opportunity to explore Mercedes-Benz's future design and engineering evolution.

The G-Code AR project was also launched internationally as an English/Chinese, public-facing, mobile app. With the ability to superimpose the Coupé on a mobile device's gallery image or live camera feed, this concept vehicle found it's way virtually to home, play and work spaces throughout the world.

Ignition Digital's tasks included UX/UI design, art direction, lighting and look development, AR tracking marker design, 3D modeling (for interactive/real-time), Unity 3D development, animation and final app deployment.