SeaRay 510 Fly Augmented Reality

No Yacht? ... No Problem!

SeaRay was eager to start selling its new 510 Fly, but delivery of the first yacht was still months away. SeaRay's marketing division reached out to Ignition for help. We created an Augmented Reality "AR" mobile experience to let potential customers virtually “step aboard” and explore the yacht inside and out with their mobile device.

Starting only with CAD schematics, our team put the 50-foot luxury yachts right in the hands of future customers through the magic of AR. And for those who already bought a 510 Fly, the app was a fun and evocative way to take ownership of their yacht months before hitting the water.

The app made a splash in publications, at boat shows and sales events globally. It went on to win an award for "Best Shopping App" at Qualcomm's annual developer "Vuforia" conference dedicated to Augmented Reality development applications and technology.